Designed to relieve malaria
"Usalama", meaning "protection" "safety" in Swahili, is a persona branding that focuses affordable health-related products in Africa. Manda is one of their products that mainly targeting relieving malaria in east African countries. 
Malaria has been a big issue to the human being for centuries. The cause of malaria was so troublesome that I am expecting a solution to relief it in the future through design. These are some facts about malaria that roughly show the impact of it.
Mood board
Visual inspiration of African handcrafts and artifacts was an important factor of the design. Round shapes, repetitive and colorful patterns as well as natural material from African's daily life objects and arts reveals their cultural aesthetic preference - these became considered in the design process.
As we consider the setting of this product to be in the year of 2027, we assume the invention of artificial human blood. There would be materials that attract mosquitos, including Carbon Dioxide, secretions, body odor and lactic acid contained in the artificial blood. These materials will be placed inside of a cartridge to be stored in the device.
Different shapes and placing decisions were considered for regular African houses and apartments of average-higher income residents, as well as the usage of functionality.
Central symmetrical shapes ended up to be placed on the design, because of it's neutral standing in a residential environments and the fact that circle and rounded shapes are widely and quietly used in African residential environment. Different shades and combinations of color were also experimented during the design processes.
How Manda works
Manda built with two parts - the replaceable disc which contains the artificial blood cartridge and the front frame decomposable material, so when it's full of trapped mosquitos, it can be landfilled with no environmental damage.
The price tiering model provides more options for different customers with different needs of budgeting and aesthetic preference.
Manda is a power-free, odor-free and sustainable solution to keep away mosquito from us. It is designed to be a protective and attractive home piece. It will be the best home companion for African families in 2027.

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