Side projects

Fun and cool stuffs!

Tangible ideation tool
Smoke and mirror concept / 2018
This team project visualizes a potential use of tangible interactions that benefits team work collaboration. The video narrates the flow and how it is physically interacted.
Voice over - Grace Dai
Edit - Tiger Zhao
Film and acting - Jieying Yang & Ruitao Liang
App mash-up / 2018
Jam is a music create / remix app that allows music lovers to remix and share their music. It is inspired by "Tik-Tok", "SoundCloud" and "GarageBand". In this 2-weeks project, I create the video to show how user would rock with this app and the fun it makes!
Interactive Fiction / 2018
2048 tells a story of protagonist Jo Qeatsman and his adventure in testing a new game “2048” and how he mentally grows when exploring himself in the game. It is a hour-long interactive fiction game with multiple endings.

Apple music recreate
Keynote animation / 2018
This project asks to animate some key features of a mobile app with Keynote. I use Apple Music to show 13 micro-interactions that are happening in the app with some fun narrative.
Cinema 4D animation / 2017
The short film narrates a robot getting created and slowly having its own consciousness, kills its creator in the end. This project demonstrates the use of Cinema 4D to make object movement, render setting, camera angels and spacial understanding.
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