Cypher Card

Smart budgeting card design

Money management has been a “modern life problem”. People are not saving their money as wise as they are spending it. There are many banking apps that aim to help better money management, but they are either redundant or unintuitive to access. Many credit card users are not fully aware of their spending patterns as well as not having a budgeting habit.

How might we design a product that improve their spending and budgeting behavior?
Having a Cypher Card is an enjoyable and exciting experience. The experience starts with receiving the packaging. Although Cypher Card is a tech product, it comes with an envelope style like other bank cards. It brings familiarity to customers and reminds them of the financial property of the product.
A straightforward starting guide with the card attached is the only thing inside of the envelope. With simple steps shown on the card, users are led to use the mobile app to finish the setup process. The ink screen on the card shows the user's name which is set before it is shipped. It welcomes user by this customized feature.
Cypher Card is used to make payment - like the regular credit card - but smarter. With the built-in ink display, Cypher Card shows remaining budget situation in percentage to card holders. This visual feedback provides instant awareness to user about the financial status without looking into their mobile devices. It is a more efficient and accessible way to get acknowledged.

In the search of finding a behavioral change opportunity, finance management is the most favored pick. There are many ideations about this topic on how to realize the value. Budgeting come out after the brainstorm, and 30 quick concepts are drawn to illustrate the possibilities. After rounds of evaluation, the smart credit card idea is chosen.
​​​​​​​Jane represents potential Cypher Card users who are middle class who lives a fast-pacing city like San Francisco. She has a routine purchase habit but she is very unconscious about it. Here are some insights about her experience with it. We analyze what she would say, think, do and feel when making these routine purchases. One significant insight is that she is unconsciously making small spendings on things like coffee and online subscriptions, but she does not have an organized mind about it.
Taking getting coffee as a classic example, Jane's experience can be drawn in this story board. The story board pictures Jane's struggle of making unconscious spending and how Cypher Card changes her spending behavior.
The product is a smart credit card with a 2.4 inches ink display. The packaging comes in the form of an envelope, containing the card attached to an information card. Since the setup procedures are heavily based on the mobile app, the contents in the packaging are kept fairly simple.
How Cypher card works? The main informations are on the ink screen. With its built-in ink screen display, Cypher Card tells users the basic information of card's set budget in percentage. The card only shows percentage by default for the sake of privacy. Exact remaining number can be turned on up to the cardholder. 
The screen only changes when a transaction happens (swiped or inserted to a card reader). Because of the property of ink screen, there is almost no cost of power without changing screen. With the fact that it charges every time it is swiped, Cypher Card is estimated to last for years.
Cypher Card prepares for multiple cards. It supports up to 3 credit/debit cards to show their informations under the same cardholder. Each of their aimed budget can be displayed in the form of rings that are visually accessible. Each of their budgeting situation are shown by different sizes of rings, making it easy to read for the users.
Cypher Card has no button on the device. The screen reacts when a transaction happens or it is being charged. When a transaction completes, the screen shows how much the money was spent and what is the percentage of it compared to the monthly budget. This will provide user a direct visual feedback about this transaction so more awareness is raised during this process. The screen goes back to showing only the ring 10 seconds after the transaction.
Cypher believes that on-boarding experience matters the most to new users. This flowchart shows user's first interaction with the Cypher App and how it works with Cypher Card. After user downloads the app, it leads users to either get a new card or manage budget settings.
A matching interface serves more immersive experience for users. This project mainly demonstrates the brand style instead of listing the whole task flow. These screens show the first-time experience for a new user.
Cypher aims to change your habit of money management to be wiser and more conscious. We hope this change in your spending and budgeting behavior can bring you more wealth and happiness!
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