Hey, I'm Tiger.
Based in San Francisco, studying interaction design and industrial design at California College of the Arts, I am enjoying the tech industry and the fun that design brings me. I am originally from Shenzhen, China. Shenzhen is a beautiful, young and ambitious city where many great ideas and opportunities were born. 
As a designer, my goal is to design comprehensive and impactful experience. I believe that regardless the medium, the experience is what matters to users, and that defines what good design is for me. My current focus is UX, brand and sustainability. I believe an experience well presented is worth studied and spent time on. I am also deeply aware that as we develop technology, we should respect and be mindful about the environment. I worked on projects dedicated to improve or evoke sustainability because I count that as one of our responsibilities as designers.
I am a music and comics lover. I perform saxophone and sometimes rap as a side interest. One more fun fact: I took high school in Uganda, East Africa, and it was a fantastic experience! I love my friends I made there and I enjoy learning their culture.
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Let me know what's good!
Hanqing (Tiger) Zhao